Panel 1 - MEMS in Consumer Products at MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tue, 2013-03-12


Panel 1 - MEMS in Consumer Products

Dave Thomas (moderator), Marketing Director, Etch Products, SPTS Technologies
Dave Doyle, CEO, Baolab
Robin Heydon, Global Standards, CSR
Joel Huloux, Director - Standardization and Industry Alliances, STMicroelectronics
Location: Sequoia 1-4  

MEMS in Consumer Products Panel MEMS are showing up in all facets of our daily lives. While much attention has been paid to applications such as the iPhone, there are many more consumer applications fueling this rapidly growing market. Today, consumers are demanding more functionality of their products, and MEMS are helping to dramatically improve the user experience for all. This panel will discuss how European companies are leading the world in the innovative use of MEMS for consumer products such as mobile devices, tablets, remotes, television, consumer health devices; and the list continues to grow. Are there advantages in corporate structure or government funding in the EU that allow for more or better innovation than in other places? Is there a more developed relationship between consumers and OEMs in the EU that allow for consumer desires to be met faster or more innovatively? Panelists will also discuss the intense pressures of this highly lucrative but competitive market; does market leader also mean revenue leader? This panel asks and will try to answer these and other tough challenges in consumer products MEMS.