Display Working Group


Display Working Group

The Display Working Group's mission is to:

  • Develop open industry-standard interfaces between processor and display(s) in handheld systems
  • Maximize commonality across multiple high-speed interfaces without compromising display-to-interface objectives
  • Enable evolution of displays and display interfaces
  • Accommodate a variety of architectures and system partitioning

Since its inception in 2004, Display Working Group has developed and maintained multiple generations of both parallel and serial interfaces to mobile terminal displays, as well as a specialized specification to support 3D display applications. MIPI display specifications support a common command set to simplify software driver development. The serial interface, Display Serial interface (DSI) is highly scalable from one to four lanes and supports up to 12-bit/color offering brilliant, realistic color rendering for the most demanding imagery and video scenes.

Display WG has released a full set of conformance test and interoperability documentation in cooperation from our membership test partners.

Work continues in the Display Working Group to meet the future needs of the display industry.


History and Roadmap


Working Group Chair

Dale Stolitzka, Samsung Electronics, Co.

Working Group Vice-Chair

James Goel, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Samson Kim, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.