Post date
Future MIPI Webinars 08 Feb 2017
MIPI DisCo and ACPI Streamlining MIPI Component Integration presentation final MP4 recording
Presentation presented by Robert Gough, Intel Corporation, Chair of Software Working Group
02 Feb 2017
161110 MIPI Webinar - MIPI Touch Getting in Touch with Your Phone MP4

Presented by Dale Stolitzka, Samsung Display Co. and MIPI Display WG Chair.

10 Nov 2016
MIPI Webinar: MIPI Gigabit Debug over IP Sockets A Technical Overview recording 21 Sep 2016
MIPI Webinar: Universal solution to sideband proliferation using MIPI Virtual GPIO Interface recording 10 May 2016
Mobile and Beyond Imaging Interface Development Webinar recording - presented by Haran Thanigasalam, Camera Working Group Chairman 17 Feb 2016
Webinar recording: A Technical Review of MIPI I3C for the MSIG community (a sponsored event) 11 Feb 2016
MIPI Alliance Webinar: MIPI UniPort-M - Integrating the M-PORT into UniPro

Presented by Jürgen Urban, UniPro Working Group Chairman

11 Nov 2015
MIPI Alliance Display Webinar:Display Developer Trade-offs When Using DSI with Compression

Segmented Panel Designs and Pixel Overlap between Segments

25 Mar 2015
MIPI RFFE v 2.0 Webinar: An Overview of New Features and Implementation Benefits slides 17 Feb 2015
MIPI Alliance SoundWire Overview Webinar 21 Jan 2015
MIPI Gigabit Debug Webinar – A Framework for Moving Debug to the Internet of Things (IoT) 19 Nov 2014
MIPI Alliance Sensor Working Group - Standardizing Sensor Interfaces 30 Sep 2014
Reducing Power Consumption in Mobile Applications with High-Speed Gear3 MIPI M-PHY IP 02 Feb 2014