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As the wireless communication industry powers into fourth-generation products, consumers expect even more from their advanced wireless and cable products. They expect seamless connectivity in their homes, at the office and everywhere in between, along with a host of new applications and multimedia content available at their fingertips.

 With a track record of innovation for more than 25 years, ANADIGICS delivers the most advanced integrated RF solutions that manufacturers worldwide demand to optimize the performance of wireless, broadband and cable applications across all major networks and standards. Our diverse portfolio of highly linear, highly efficient RFICs, along with unwavering applications support, help our customers and partners bring products to market faster. Our commitment to operational excellence and hybrid manufacturing strategy safeguards our customers’ success by assuring high volume supply when needed. 

 The ANADIGICS advantage extends into three primary telecommunications markets:

  • Wireless handsets –Offering power amplifiers with the industry’s highest performance and linearity for the latest wireless handsets, connecting users to voice and broadband data with significantly less power consumed


  • Wireless infrastructure Delivering infrastructure power amplifiers, including the emerging femtocell market,  that feature an effective combination of the most efficient, highly linear and reliable functionality


  • CATV applications– Providing products that simplify the design of both infrastructure and subscriber equipment for CATV applications, enabling reliable delivery of crystal-clear and advan-ced entertainment services.    

 From roadmaps and planning all the way through to production, ANADIGICS works closely with its customers to ensure their success through every step of the design and development process. Customers not only save power with ANADIGICS’ energy-efficient products, but their engineers can
work faster and easier by collaborating with ANADIGICS to achieve more with the world’s most advanced wireless and cable TV products. 

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