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Enabling Technology Adoption through Total IP Solutions - The Bus Stops Here!

Arasan Chip Systems based in San Jose, CA, USA, is a world-leading supplier of SoC Intellectual Property Solutions with a successful 15 year track record. Arasan delivers technology-leading IP focused on Bus Interfaces such as MIPI, SDIO, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, and Flash Storage Solutions of NAND, eMMC, SD, CF+, UFS and more, to the global electronics market. Arasan’s Total Solution Approach starts with Technology Consulting using our Domain Expertise and includes all the building blocks required for technology adoption- RTL IP cores, Analog Mixed Signal IP Cores, Verification IP, Portable Software Drivers / Stacks, Protocol Test & Analyzers, HDK’s, and associated design services. Arasan Total IP Solution enables the rapid adoption of emerging technologies reducing our customer’s time to market while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance to respective standards.

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of MIPI® IP and has been an Contributor Member of the MIPI® Association since 2004. With a rich portfolio of MIPI® IP, Arasan is a key enabler for system companies looking to adopt the MIPI® protocol in their products. MIPI® standard interfaces enable the rapid integration of multi-media, wireless, GPS and other functions into the growing market for mobile phones and portable electronics.

By leveraging Arasan’s silicon proven MIPI® IP cores, system companies can quickly bring innovative, feature rich solutions to the market with minimal risk:

  • World’s first to announce MIPI® IP’s – CSI, DSI, HSI, SLIMbus® and UniPro®
  • Early supplier of MIPI® D-PHY IP
  • IP licensees includes most of the MIPI® founding members and other Tier 1 OEMs
  • IP Solution for MIPI® includes RTL source code for digital IP, analog IP, synthesis scripts, software, test environment and documentation

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Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. Product Information

Arasan enables MIPI® Interface Adoption Through a Total IP Solution. Our products include:

  • CSI – Camera Serial Interface
  • DSI – Display Serial Interface
  • HSI – High Speed Synchronous Interface
  • SLImBus® – Serial Low Power Inter-chip Media Bus
  • SLIMbus® Analyzer • UniProSM - Unified Protocol
  • DigRFSM - BB/RF IC Interface
  • D-PHY – PHY Layer
  • M-PHYSM – PHY Layer

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Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. Product Press Releases

Arasan Chip Systems to exhibit in the MIPI(R) Alliance Zone at 2010 Mobile World Congress

Arasan Chip Systems provides complete solutions for the key Bus Interfaces in emerging Netbook market

Arasan Chip Systems adds DigRF(SM) 3G IP to its MIPI(R) IP Portfolio

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