BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH

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BitifEye Digital Test Solutions was founded in 2005. The company is privately held and located in Boeblingen, Germany. BitifEye provides software and accessories, supplementing test instruments such as Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), Bit Error Ration Testers (BERTs) and oscilloscopes to integrated, automated test systems for high-speed digital interfaces. The standards currently covered are MIPI, HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort, PCI Express, USB, SATA, Thunderbolt and SD UHS-II. For MIPI applications, BitifEye addresses D-PHY, M-PHY and C-PHY physical layer and protocol testing. BitifEye is a Keysight Technologies Solutions Partner. In addition, BitifEye offers test services and instruments such a solid state switch for MIPI D-PHY (BIT-2000A) or a Dynamic Sequence Generator and Analyzer (BIT-3000A) to create PWM or low power signals for M-PHY and D-PHY testing. The DSGA is available from Q2/2016 and will be key to obtain the UFS logo. 


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BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH Product Information

MIPI D-PHY and M-PHY Frame Generator Software

ValiFrame Test Automation Software Platform, available as Keysight N5990A

DSGA BIT-3000A Dynamic Sequencing Generator and Analyser

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