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GRAPHIN Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Techno Horizon Holdings Co.,Ltd. (JASDAQ:6629) was incorporated in January 1993 in an aim to provide products that combine two different domains; the image processing technology of graphics and the information communication technology of interfaces. GRAPHIN has interests in domain of graphics and interface, many hardware products, OEM boards, and semiconductor intellectual properties in Japan and has vast experience in the sales and support of various hardware and software. GRAPHIN’s strengths include digital consumers, games, data compression algorithm, hardware design capability, FPGA and ASIC design, image processing algorithms, and knowledge of communication protocols.

For more information, please visit GRAPHIN at or contact GRAPHIN directly at Phone +81-3-5493-1211 or email

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Graphin Co., Ltd. Product Information

GRAPHIN offers the following imaging hardware and software products:

1. Image input boards
The boards can interface industrial image testing system cameras with PCs.

2. Image sensor product image evaluation systems
The systems are intended to use as imaging evaluation for image sensor products at research & development, manufacturing tests, and demonstrations.

3. Digital input/output boards
The boards can interface the target applications with PCs at high-speed and high-data rate.

4. Custom Developments
GRAPHIN can identify customers’ requirement and specification, newly develop, and build systems based on a mutually agreed specification.

In addition to the above products, GRAPHIN has announced that the company’s GPirates ®, advanced evaluation and test systems for images from CMOS image sensors, fully compliant with the four-lane MIPI CSI-2 standard. GRAPHIN does lead the market in evaluation and test products.
Mobile Device developers can have better access to advanced evaluation and test of CMOS image sensors with the MIPI standard. GRAPHIN GPirates ® are used by leading CMOS image sensor manufacturers for real production tests.
GPirates ® passed MIPI CSI Interoperability at the UNH-IOL MIPI Alliance Test Program in June 2009. GRAPHIN has also displayed the industry’s first EMI measurement system for MIPI CSI-2 camera module systems, being adopted by the largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer.

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Graphin Co., Ltd. Product Press Releases

# 2010-02-15
* GRAPHIN and Mixel to Collaborate in Producing "Golden M-PHY" IC to Be Used in GRAPHIN's Evaluation Systems

# 2010-01-15
* GRAPHIN’s GPirates, Evaluation Suite for Image Sensor Products, has passed MIPI extensive interoperability tests against 11 different CSI cameras.

# 2009-12-01
* GRAPHIN Announces New GPirates Series Evaluation Suites for 4-Lane MIPI CSI-2 Compliance

# 2009-05-11
* GRAPHIN Puts on Sale MIPI-Compatible Camera Module Test Equipment

# 2008-10-20
* GRAPHIN to Announce Evaluation Suites for CMOS Sensors with MIPI Standard

Graphin Co., Ltd. Events

2011 February 14-17 WMC Barcelona
2010 October 6-8 CEATEC JAPAN
2010 February 15-18 WMC Barcelona

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