Ili Technology Corp.

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ILITEK was established in April 2004 by an experienced team with many years of analog IC design. We entered HsinChuScienceParkin November 2004 and moved to TaiYuanScienceParkin May 2008. We provide innovative and high quality products to our customers by utilizing optimized analog and mixed mode technology. We focus on a-Si TFTand LTPS driver IC. End applications include mobile phone, DSC, MP3, PDA, GPS, PMP, gaming machine, NB and Monitor. 

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Ili Technology Corp. Product Information

Mobile Phone Line with MIPI spec.

          QVGA :          ILI9339

          HVGA :          ILI9486

          WVGA :         ILI9801, ILI9802 and ILI9803


Mobile Phone Line :

          QQVGA :        ILI9163

          QCIF :           ILI9225

          QVGA :          ILI9325, ILI9335 and ILI9340

          LQVGA :        ILI9342

          WQVGA :       ILI9326 and ILI9327

          HVGA :          ILI9481

          nHD :            ILI9640


DSC Line :

          QVGA :          ILI8960 and ILI8961

          LQVGA :        ILI9322

          HVGA :          ILI8963


GPS/PMP Line :

          WQVGA :       ILI6480 and ILI6481


NB Line for COG:

SVGA/WVGA :ILI6122 and ILI6123

WSVGA/HD :            ILI6121Cand ILI6125


NB Line for COF :

HD/HD+ :       ILI3721 and ILI3961


Monitor Line for COF :

          HD/FHD :       ILI3100 and ILI3961 

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