Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

Member since 2008

Lattice is the source for innovative FPGA, PLD, programmable Power Management and Clock Management solutions. We design and develop programmable logic products, which allow the end customer to determine functionality. We continue to expand our Asia presence to reduce costs and better align with our customers.

Our customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers in the communications, computing, consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and military end markets.

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Lattice Semiconductor Corp. Product Information

Lattice CPLDs, like the ispMACH 4000ZE, help designers add functionality to existing systems without having to upgrade the Application Processor (AP) or MCU. These CPLDs are ideal for GPIO interfaces, LED drivers, keypad control, and voltage level shifting between an AP and peripherals. In the GPIO interface role the CPLD provides port expansion for popular protocols such as I2C and SPI. As an I2C/SPI slave the CPLD provides high I/O count and the ability to translate between signal standards using a common device.

Lattice FPGAs, like LatticeXP2 and LatticeECP3 provide interfaces to mulitple cameras and displays. These FPGAs have extensive capability to do on-chip DSP operations, like video scaling and rotation etc.

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