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MITSUMI Electric draws heavily on the core technologies we’ve developed over the years while achieving alliances among our operational divisions to create a synergy effect that heightens the overall strength of the MITSUMI Group a whole. With ultraprecision matching as our basis, we’ve increased our technical strength in a host of specialized fields (semiconductors, high frequency, power sources, optical, software, and analysis). This has improved our R&D strengths and “monozukuri” (creative manufacturing) strengths to realize development of high valued-added products. Major markets include digital broadcasting, high speed wire-less communications, optical networks, game devices and electronics, where we achieve timely delivery of high value-added products featuring MITSUMI’s own creative solutions. As we carve out a new feature in electronics and realize the dreams of so many people, our goal is electronic parts with promising development possibilities as MITSUMI Electric takes on latest challenges in the industrial world.  

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MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Product Information


Power Supply IC, BatteryIC Operational Amplifiers, Audio ICs, Reset ICs, Video ICs,






Power Inductors, Transformers, Coils, connectors, switches, DC-Mini Motors, Stepping Motors, Polyvaricons, Camera Modules



Power Supplies


AC adaptors, Chargers, Power Supply Units, DC adaptors, Internal Power supplies


High Frequency Devices


Terrestrial Tuners・BS Digital RF Tuners, AM/FM Electric Tuners, UWB Antennas,

Bluetooth ®Modules, GPSAntennas, Terrestrial Digital Antennas, XM Radio Antennas,

Other High Frequency Modules


IP Equipments




Optical Communications


Terminal Media Converter for FTTH



Our products which can meet MIPI specifications are camera module, camera socket, semiconductor, and Optical Waveguide 

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