The Moving Pixel Company

Member since 2008

We design and manufacture high performance test equipment since 1996.

We respond quickly to customer requests for product features, allowing customers to maximize their productivity.  

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The Moving Pixel Company Product Information

  • PG3A Pattern Generator with the P331 MIPI DPhy Probe
  • DPhy-P6980 probe adapter for Tektronix Logic Analyzer
  • PGRemote software for pushbutton pattern creation for DSI/CSI-2
  • PG3A Pattern Generator with P335 MIPI MPhy Probe (announced)
  • MPhyView software for disassembly on Tektronix DPO70k scopes
  • HSI adapter for Tektronix Logic Analyzer
  • SLIMBus adapter for Tektronix Logic Analyzer 

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