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Utilizing new technology development to enhance a better lifestyle for mankind.
Creating many new commercial consumer and entertainment products.
Developing technical abilities to advance product offering for clients.
Helping people enjoy the digital world.
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A Professional LCD Driver & SOC IC Design House

Sitronix Technology Corporation is a leading fabless LCD driver IC and SoC IC (microcontroller) provider. The company was founded in 1998 in Hsinchu, Taiwanand has been listed as a public traded company in the Taipeistock exchange since Dec. 2003.

Our services range from research and development to sales and marketing of complete IC designs. We also offer information related chipset design, consumer electronics IC design, and system applications total solutions. Sitronix’s specialists are working closely with other company’s clients to tailor our technology for their particular products and applications.

Sitronix is commited to providing our customers with state-of-the-art technologies, and cost-effective products, with the primary focus on developing innovative applications for displays as well as for many other consumer electronics. Company business has steadily expanded from Taiwanand Hong Kong, Mainland Chinato Japan, the USand Europe.


The SOC ICs are applicable to many electronic products, such as electronic dictionaries (multi-functional electronic dictionaries, multi-language electronic translators and low-end PDAs), educational learning products, consumer electronics (perpetual calendars, digital clocks, electronic notepads, calculators, educational toys and multifunctional watches), and digital audio.


LCD driver ICs are applicable to mobiles phones, OA appliances (printers, fax machines, copy machines, and DECT phones), IA appliances (PDAs, multifunctional electronic dictionaries, and multi-language electronic translators).  


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The ST7796 is a single-chip controller/driver for 262K-color, graphic type TFT-LCD. It consists of 960 source line and 480 gate line driving circuits. This chip is capable of connecting directly to an external microprocessor, and accepts MIPI, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 8-bit/9-bit/16-bit/18-bit parallel interface. Display data can be stored in the on-chip display data RAM of 320 x 480 x 18 bits. It can perform display data RAM read/write operation with no external operation clock to minimize power consumption. In addition, because of the integrated power supply circuits necessary to drive liquid crystal, it is possible to make a display system with fewer components.



  • Single chip TFT-LCD Controller/Driver with On-chip Display Data RAM(Frame Memory)

320 (H) x RGB x 480 (V) bits


  • LCD Driver Output Circuit

Source Outputs: 320RGB channels

Gate Outputs: 480 channels

Common Electrode Output


  • Display Colors (Color Mode)

Full Color: 262K colors

Color Reduce: 8-color


  • Various Interfaces

MIPI DSI Interface

MIPI-DBI (Comply with MIPI DBI Version 2.00)

Type B 18-/16-/9-/8- bit

Type C 4-line 9bit (Option 1), 8bit (Option3)

18-/16bits RGB(DPI) Interface

MIPI DCS Command Sets

3-pin/4-pin Serial Interface


  • Built-in Circuits

DC/DC Converter

Adjustable VCOM generation

Non-Volatile (NV) memory to store initial register setting

Oscillator for display clock generation

Factory default value (module ID, module version, etc) are store in NV memory

Timing Controller

Line/Frame Inversion


  • Built-In NV Memory for LCD initial Register Setting

16-bit for ID1

16-bit for ID2

7-bit for VCOM adjustment


  • WideSupplyVoltageRange

I/O Supply Voltage

Analog Supply Voltage

MIPI Supply Voltage


  • On-Chip Power System

Source/Gate/VCOM Power Supply Voltage

Gate Driver Output Voltage

VCOM Driver Output Voltage


  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +85°C

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