SK Hynix

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As a semiconductor memory manufacturer, Hynix has firmed its core business competency and secured solid competitive advantages in the industry. The Company has also secured competency for the future by focusing on R&D and marketing capability.

Hynix has strengthened its status as a leading semiconductor company in many regions including China which is now the biggest semiconductor market in the world. The Company is building internal corporate competency by improving its financial stability and managing risks for sustainable growth.

Hynix aims to become a long-lasting great company as the best memory solution provider, the purpose of which is to provide our customers, shareholders, society, and our employees with the best satisfaction and the utmost value, through a sustained improvement in quality. Hynix will remain committed to providing the best products and service

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Among the product Hynix manufactures, here are the products which include MIPI specifications.




8M : YACG3A1C99CC 

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