Teradyne Inc.

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We deliver competitive advantage to the world's leading semiconductor, electronics and automotive companies.

Teradyne (NYSE:TER) is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment. The company's divisions, Assembly Test, Semiconductor Test, and Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions, are organized by the products they develop and deliver.  

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Teradyne Inc. Product Information

Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions

Assembly Test Products

  • In-Circuit Board Test Systems
  • Functional Test Platforms
  • Automated X-Ray Inspection
  • Military and Aerospace Test Solutions
  • Test, Design and Analysis Software

Semiconductor Test Products 

  • Image Sensor Device Test
  • Mixed-Signal & SOC Test
  • FLEX - Multisite DFT, Standard Analog, SOC
  • Tiger - SOC Component & Functional Test
  • Catalyst - SOC Component & Functional Test
  • VLSI/Logic Test
  • J973EP - High Performance VLSI Test
  • J750 - Microcontroller/ Low-end VLSI Test
  • Outsourcing Test

 In Image Sensor Device Test Area:

IP750Ex - Providing the Best Test Economics

The world standard for image sensor testing continues to evolve

If you are looking for a reliable image sensor test solution, contact Teradyne to find out what the cost effective IP750Ex can offer.

IP750Ex Features:

  • High Throughput
  • Broad Device Coverage(Device Interface: Parallel, SMIA, MIPI, Other)
  • Single Platform
  • Test Program Compatibility
  • IG-XL Software: Fast Program Development with Common System Software Environment
  • IP750/IDP Library
  • High Reliability with Worldwide Support  

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