WiSpry, Inc.

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WiSpry, headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a fabless RF semiconductor company that develops, manufactures and markets RF Silicon integrated circuits, components and modules to manufacturers of wireless communication products. 

Utilizing the Company’s core competency in  tunable RF, featuring RF-MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology, WiSpry brings significant performance improvement as well as size and cost reduction to mobile phone manufacturers and network operators through on-chip integration of dynamically tunable RF elements for mobile phone front-end circuits.

The key to their technology is the integration of patented RF-MEMS devices with an industry standard RF-CMOSprocess flow thereby enabling convergence of digital, analog, RF and MEMS functionality on a single chip. WiSpry’sinnovative digital tunable capacitor technology enables the development of dynamically tunable RF front-end circuits   allowing system designers to achieve the architectural innovation required to meet the growing functionality and capacity needs of future mobile communications networks. 

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WiSpry, Inc. Product Information

WiSpry’s growing portfolio of products is targeted at high volume multi-band and multi-standard wireless applications operating in the frequency range from 400MHz to 10GHz.


These products are designed for use in wireless products such as GSM, WCDMA, -CDMA and LTE  mobile phones and infrastructure head-ends, local and wide area networking (802.11x, Bluetooth, WiMax), and other applications where small size, extreme linearity, low insertion loss and low power operation are key performance parameters. WiSpry’s tunable circuit elements use an industry standard CMOSprocess, enabling integration of digital, analog and RF functionality. This MEMS-based ‘System-on –a-Chip’ architecture allows the integration of charge-pump and control circuitry as well as other high performance RF and digital circuitry. Typical applications for WiSpry’s RF-MEMS devices include tunable matching networks, tunable filters and duplexors, antenna tuning, power amplifier tuning and mode/band switching for current generation and next generation (LTE & WiMax) “global” phones, Netbooks, Smartbooks, M2M, mobile wireless subsystems and wireless base stations. 


WiSpry’s RF-MEMS technology is the key to dynamically tunable RF products that are dramatically simplifying the design and manufacture of wireless product platforms today and in the future.  WiSpry plans to begin shipments of MIPI compliant products beginning in Q2 2011.


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