MIPI Alliance UniPort-M Speeds Up M-PHY and Expands UniPro Specifications

The M-PHY® and UniProSM specifications, when implemented together, defined as UniPort-M, deliver the highest performance, most power efficient data transport interface technology for mobile device applications. M-PHY v3.0 offers an optimized physical layer with high bandwidth capabilities. The UniPro v1.6 specification leverages M-PHY technology to provide a unified, layered protocol stack. Together, UniPort-M dramatically improves data transport performance.

For a high-level description of UniPort-M, click here.

Several industry organizations have integrated the MIPI specifications into their own standards:

For more information on both specifications, see additional supplemental materials below, visit the Specifications section of this website, or go to the PHY or UniPro Work Group pages.

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Supplemental Materials