Analog Control Interface Working Group

As of October 2014, and at the request of the Working Group, the MIPI Board has placed the ACI WG in a hibernated status

MIPI Alliance Announces New Analog Control Working Group and Envelope Tracking Subgroup

The Analog Control Interface Working Group is chartered to develop control interface specifications which impact analog chip-to-chip connections. In addition to the Working Group, an Envelope Tracking Subgroup has been formed to specifically address the interface between the transmitter and Envelope Tracking power supply.  

The Envelope Tracking Subgroup's charter covers the following;

  • Specify the interface between Transmitter and ET power supply
    • The ET interface will convey an analog representation of the desired power supply voltage at the ET power supply output
    • The Transmitter could be in the RFIC or in the BBIC
    • Enable Transmitter to ET power supply compatibility between MIPI member companies without limiting implementation
    • ET interface should support relevant 3GPP standards and may support other/future radio standards 
    • Support backward compatibility with existing power control schemes
  • Create and maintain a roadmap for this specification
  • Maintain specification and its documentation 

Interface Between Transmitter and ET Power Supply 


History and Roadmap

In June, 2011, the Board of Directors established an Investigation Group named the RFIC-to-PA IG. This action was taken in response to several member companies inquiring,  "Do we need a unified specification for the RFIC-to-power amplifier control interface supporting Envelope Tracking?" The IG presented their findings to the Board in Vancouver in October 2011.  The Board established an Analog Control Interface Working Group to address all analog interface needs, and the Envelope Tracking Subgroup to focus on specifying the interface between a Transmitter and ET power supply.  

The ACI WG has completed the Analog Reference Interface for Envelope Tracking Specification v1.0, and the MIPI Board of Directors adopted it on 26-Aug-2013. The WG is currently working on drafting a supporting Application Note as well as a Conformance Test Suite. 

Working Group Chair


Working Group Vice-Chairs

Juha Pennanen, Texas Instruments

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