Camera Working Group

The Camera Working Group (CWG) was formed by the MIPI® Board of Directors to enable industry convergence onto a robust, scalable, power efficient serial interface for imaging peripherals and host processors. Currently, Camera Working Group focuses on interfaces between host processors, image processors, and imaging peripherals. We maintain existing interface specifications and develop next generation specifications to address emerging requirements in the industry.

Camera Serial Interface 3 (CSI-3) defines a robust, scalable high bandwidth serial interface based on UniPort-M, the combination of the UniPro protocol layer and M-PHY physical layer. Use of UniPort-M provides guaranteed data transmission.

CSI-2 specifies the details of protocol transmission over the MIPI D-PHY physical layer, a separate specification from the MIPI PHY Working Group. Its scope covers the transmission of serial data from a peripheral to a host processor, including packet formatting, data formats, and error detection and correction. CSI-2 v1 does not address detailed command and control issues, since they vary widely across implementations from different manufacturers and in different OEM software.


History and Roadmap


CWG has successfully complete two generations of Camera Serial Interface development, CSI-2 and CSI-3. CWG continues work on a Camera Command Sert. for basic component initialization and configuration.

Working Group Chair

Bruno Trematore, Toshiba 

Working Group Vice-Chair

Haran Thanigasalam, Intel