Peripheral and Interconnet Low-level Framework Working Group

The Peripheral and Interconnect Low-level Framework (PLF) Working Group aims to provide standardized services and software interfaces for users of MIPI peripheral devices within a MIPI system. These services allow for portability of software peripheral drivers and applications between systems, easing the task of integrating a new peripheral into a system.

The group has started several work items:

  • DDB (Device Descriptor Block) specification for Levels 1 and 2 which describes services for accessing device information independently of the MIPI interface
  • IMF (Interface Management Framework) specification which defines interfaces for use by portable peripheral drivers to access MIPI peripherals
  • Device class templates and processes

History and Roadmap


Working Group Chair

Position is currently open


Working Group Vice-Chair

Position is currently open


Current Projects

The workgroup is currently stepping back to synchronize its goals with the evolutions of MIPI interconnects.