Reduced Input Output

Simplifying the Management of General Purpose Input Output in Mobile Systems

General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) signals are prevalental most everywhere processors are connected together. They have traditionally provided a basic though useful ability to send control information from one integrated circuit to another; in the evolution of recent mobile sytems, an increasing number of GPIOs are used for side-band and other signaling between host processor and peripherals. As the use of GPIOs increased, the number of connection pins on the components increased, affecting the complexity of the system and adding to system cost.

Because there was no available solution addressing I/O reduction without involving software drivers and related issues, the MIPI Board of Directors has chartered the Reduced Input Output Working Group (RIO WG).

The group has the following goals:

  • Create an extensible framework, fllexibly applicable to all MIPI protocols
  • Compatible with existing mechanisms defined by MIPI protocols
  • Minimize additional hardware complexity and software overhead (code footprint, efficienciency, responsiveness)
  • Describe consistent capabilities that permit diverse approaches to implementation using a “Service Access Point (SAP) model
  • Enable OS implementation consistency for capabilities and controls
  • Enable hardware description mechnism for each component/device

All MIPI Members at the Contributor level and above are welcome to participate in the group. Log on to the MIPI members web site, and subscribe to the RIO WG forum:

  • Click “Forums” at the top
  • Click the “Subscribe” checkbox for Reduced Input Output Working Group and any other available group of interest
  • Cllick the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to apply your subscriptions

If you do not already have a user account, one may be requested through the link provided on the log-in page.

Join us!

The RIO WG will meet by teleconference as well as face-to-face on an occasional basis, in cluding the MIPI-wide meetings. We hope to see you there!

Working Group Chair

Lalan Mishra, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Working Group Vice-Chair

Satwant Singh, Lattice Semiconductor