MIPI Alliance Sensor Working Group

Sensors Pose Opportunity and Challenge in Mobile Applications

Sensors are experiencing rapid growth in mobile devices – reaching a critical milestone of 10+ sensors and 20+ signals per device. To compound matters, the digital interface landscape is fragmented and current standard architectures do not scale to reach future demands.

To address these issues in collaboration with the MEMS Industry Group (MEMS IG), MIPI Alliance first formed an open “Birds of a Feather” (BoF) group that successfully discussed and set requirements to guide future proposals, forming the basis for current activity in the Sensor Working Group (WG), chartered by the MIPI Board of Directors to bring forward a solution for the mobile industry and beyond.The MIPI Board of Directors has now formed a Sensor Working Group (WG) to bring forward a solution for the mobile industry and beyond.

Developing I3CSM for the Mobile and Mobile-Influenced Industries

Sensor WG is actively developing the MIPI Specification for I3C, a two-pin interface that is backward compatible with the I2C standard and provides data throughput capabilities comparable to SPI. Its name is derived from the Sensor WG’s plan to define an interface that will allow legacy I2C devices to coexist on the same interface as new devices that implement I3C. The specification is being developed with the participation of vendors from across the sensor and mobile ecosystems.

Sensor WG’s Specification is scheduled for completion in late 2015/early 2016, with ratification and approval by the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors and publication in the first half of 2016. The WG continues to welcome companies that have an interest in joining the process, gathering experience with the technology and helping the WG produce a thoroughly reviewed Draft Specification. 


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Working Group Chairs

Ken Foust, Intel

Working Group Vice Chair

Satwant Singh, Lattice Semiconductor
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