MIPI Alliance Sensor Working Group

Sensors Pose Opportunity and Challenge in Mobile Applications

Sensors are experiencing rapid growth in mobile devices – reaching a critical milestone of 10+ sensors and 20+ signals per device. To compound matters, the digital interface landscape is fragmented and current standard architectures do not scale to reach future demands.

To address these issues in collaboration with the MEMS Industry Group (MEMS IG), MIPI Alliance formed an open “Birds of a Feather” (BoF) group that successfully completed a project to review the state of the industry, survey opportunities for establishing a sensor interface, and set requirements to guide future proposals.

The MIPI Board of Directors has now formed a Sensor Investigation Group that will further investigate requirements related to integrating sensors into mobile systems and review technical proposals against these requirements, with the goal of selecting a possible approach for a future Specification development effort.


Join the Sensors Investigation Group and Share Your Insight

Contributor, Promoter, and Founder level members are welcome to participate. To join the group’s discussion and receive meeting announcements, log on to the MIPI members web site, and subscribe to the Sensor IG forum:

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If you do not already have a user account, one may be requested through the link provided on the log-in page.

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Working Group Chairs

Ken Foust, Intel

Working Group Vice Chair

Satwant Singh, Lattice Semiconductor
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