Technical Steering Group

The Technical Steering Group (TSG) serves as the steward and guiding influence for specification work within the MIPI Alliance. It defines and maintains the MIPI Technology Roadmap, tracking future work for each specification. The group is comprised of representatives from Board, Founder, Promotor and select Contributor companies. The group operates independently of the Working Groups and reports to the Board of Directors.

Work within the TSG is undertaken from several vectors. Any MIPI member company can propose a new initiative to the TSG via petition. The Board can also direct the group to discuss specific topics or consider engagement with external organizations. Conversely, recommendations regarding the direction and activities of the Working Groups are discussed and provided to the Board.

The TSG has adopted a formalized process to evaluate new specification work. The Opportunity Gate process is designed to accurately assess new opportunities in an efficient manner. Company or Working Group submissions to the Opportunity Gate should define the problem, propose a solution, identify resources needed to solve the problem, and offer a market gauge for the solution. In turn, the TSG evaluates the strategic fit of the work within MIPI Alliance, offers a risk analysis for the work, potential return on investment and a conclusive course of action. The final outcome of the Opportunity Gate is ultimately a decision to pursue the opportunity, either within an existing Working Group or through the formation of an Investigation Group.


Working Group Chair

Dr. Rick Wietfeldt, Qualcomm Inc.


Working Group Vice-Chair

Dr. Dietmar Wenzel, Intel Corporation