The Test Working Group (TWG) is chartered to provide a MIPI-wide forum to discuss and correlate test issues and efforts across all MIPI Working Groups (WG). In addition, the group will provide test guidance and resources to the working groups, advise the Board of Directors on test-related issues, provide a clearinghouse for test information, and encourage interoperability events.

Specifically, the charter covers the following:
  • Encourage Design for Test and Design for Manufacturability
  • Assist in creating test documents to facilitate quality and cost-effective test methods
  • Work with the Board of Directors to oversee creation/review/approval of WG-produced Conformance Test Suite (CTS) documents
  • Propose and advise on any policy adjustments related to test
  • Maintain a compendium of test-related documents including news, announcements, and use cases
  • Promote an “application-centric” approach to testing MIPI technologies and specifications

History & Roadmap

The Test IG worked with each of the WGs to assess their needs pertaining to current and future specifications, requirements for CTS documents, and interest in holding interoperability events. The IG reported its findings to the Board in Miami in October 2012. The Board agreed with the group’s assessment and formed the Test Working Group.

The Test WG is currently working with several groups to develop CTS documents and ensure that specifications in development meet its design for test and manufacturability criteria. 


Working Group Chair

Parthasarathy Raju M, Tektronix


Upcoming Interoperability Events


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