UniPro Working Group

MIPI Alliance Launches UniPort-M for M-PHY v3.0 + UniPro v1.6

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The MIPI Alliance Standard for UniPro SM (Unified Protocol) defines an application-agnostic scalable layered protocol for interconnecting devices and components within mobile systems such as cellular telephones, handheld computers, digital cameras, etc. UniPro allows these devices and components to exchange data at high data rates, with low pin count and at low energy per transferred bit.

The networking capabilities of UniPro enable the emergence of sub-systems such as (but not limited to): memory sub-systems, connectivity sub-systems or imaging sub-systems thus driving a faster time-to-market for the integration of innovative solutions and new technologies. Furthermore the networking capabilities of UniPro enable efficient sharing of resources in a multi-master environment while keeping low power consumption.

UniPro is being used in multiple applications areas such as mass storage with JEDEC® UFS and imaging such as the next generation Camera Serial Interface (CSI-3).

UniPro is a layered protocol architecture that follows the OSI reference architecture. UniPro defines a PHY Adapter layer (L1.5) to support M-PHY, UniPro and M-PHY together comprise what is known as UniPort-M. Several applications can share a single UniPro stack and benefit from common features such as: 

  • M-PHY
  • Network-ready architecture
  • High Scalable Bandwidth with low pin-count
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable packet based, latency-aware Traffic Classes

The WG is also updating the UniPro testing framework. The UniPro testing framework currently includes the following documents:

  • v1.41 Conformance Test Suite (CTS)
  • v1.41 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)

The WG is working on the following, scheduled for release in Q1-2014:

  • v1.6 Conformance Test Suite (CTS)

UniPro v1.41 and v1.6 conformance and interoperability workshops between member companies are being organized.  See the MIPI Testing Page for more information on MIPI test events and test documents.


Working Group Chair

Juergen Urban, Toshiba Corporation

Working Group Vice-chairs

Ofir Michaeli, Cadence Design Systems
Roland Scherzinger, Agilent Technologies, Inc.