Tuesday, May 12, 2020 to Thursday, May 14, 2020


Before cars can be connected, engineers must first connect.

Senior engineers and technologists join AutoSens in May 2020 for its annual USA update in Detroit, Michigan – 500+ international participants put their heads together to lead technical discussions with the purpose of transforming the future of vehicle perception technology. AutoSens connects the world’s leading minds in ADAS and autonomous vehicles to network, collaborate, solve shared challenges and advance autonomous vehicle technologies more rapidly.

Bringing together of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry; it is week of discussions, collaborations, debates, business meetings, interactive learning, autonomous driving demonstrations and technology showcase.

The event connects engineers from several engineering disciplines including automotive imaging, LiDAR, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification and standards. AutoSens is a collaborative environment geared towards supporting engineering activities.

"A perfect mix of cutting edge technology from the autonomous driving community."

"AutoSens is the place to gather experienced ADAS and AD engineers and professionals. It brings a lot to the industry in order to see real problems in development. The topics are really practical and each made a genuine contribution."

"THE event for checking state-of-the-art vehicle sensors and advances, with plenty of technical knowledge widespread around the venue."

"As we have seen and heard; the automotive industry is in a revolution and AutoSens is at the centre."

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Event Location: 
Michigan Science Center, Detroit MI, USA