Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Conference Overview:

The first Automotive SerDes Conference taking place on 13 October will highlight the entire spectrum of topics relating to the use of SerDes links in automotive applications.

In vehicles, cameras and displays are often connected to the image-processing ECU via a SerDes connection (serializer/deserializer). Until now, only proprietary solutions are available. But the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA), which has started a process of standardizing SerDes in 2019, is making rapid progress. Beyond this the MIPI Alliance also develops SerDes variants for the automotive sector and asymmetric Ethernet is at least under consideration.

So the situation is quite complex – and the need for information is correspondingly great. The  Automotive SerDes Conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the current and upcoming situation in the entire SerDes environment – for developers and decision makers.

MIPI Alliance will take part in the table-top exhibition. 

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Event Location: 
Munich, Germany