Yes. The following MIPI Specifications are expected to help with SW development:

  • MIPI Specification for I3C Host Controller Interface (I3C HCI), v1.0 [MIPI02]

Creates a standard definition that allows a single OS driver (aka ‘in-box driver’) to support I3C hardware from several vendors, while also allowing vendor-specific extensions or improvements. The target audience of the HCI Specification is application processor host controllers; in particular, developers of host controller (i.e., I3C main Master) hardware, and developers of I3C host controller software.

  • MIPI Specification for Discovery and Configuration (DisCo), v1.0 [MIPI03]

Describes a standardized device discovery and configuration mechanism for interfaces based on MIPI Specifications, which can simplify component design and system integration. Also oriented to application processors.

  •  MIPI DisCo Specification for I3C, v1.0 [MIPI04] (In development)

Allows operating system software to use ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) structures to discover and configure the I3C host controller and attached devices in ACPI-compliant systems. Also oriented to application processors.

  •  In addition, a System Integrators Application Note for I3C v1.0 and I3C Basic v1.0, v1.0 [MIPI05] has been developed to help ASIC hardware developers, system designers, and others working in the more deeply embedded I3C devices.

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