Status: Birds of a Feather Group


The Security Birds of a Feather group (Security BoF) was initiated in late 2016 to evaluate potential needs and strategies for addressing security in MIPI Alliance interface specifications. The goal is to engage the broadest possible community of security representatives to develop a framework that can help adopters address security concerns as they implement MIPI specifications.

Industry Need

While MIPI Alliance’s interface specifications are industry de facto in mobile devices and a broad range of mobile-influenced applications, the Security BoF provides an opportunity to work with the larger mobile ecosystem to guarantee that the security needs of the industries served are being met. As part of this effort, the Security BoF, in partnership with the MIPI Alliance Technical Steering Group (TSG), will provide recommendations and guidelines to the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors as to how to address the ever-growing mobile security concerns. These strategic initiatives will impact security design decisions in mobile components and chipsets, smartphones, mobile-connected devices, IoT products, automotive use cases and other applications moving forward. 


The group is taking a use case approach based on specific MIPI interfaces and assets to extract commonalities, and to determine the adversaries that need to be mitigated against and the threat models that should be supported. With this information, the group will evaluate where MIPI Alliance can best add value in addressing those concerns. 

Areas of investigation include endpoint identity, sensed and biometric data, and protected content, among others.

Group Meetings and Participation

The Security BoF currently meets biweekly via teleconference. Participants who cannot attend the meetings may still subscribe to the Security BoF’s activities and contribute to discussions through email.

About the Group: 

Enrico Carrieri, Intel Corporation

Join the Security BoF
The group welcomes MIPI Alliance member companies at all levels, as well as non-member security experts.

Members may subscribe to the group on the member website.

Representatives of nonmember companies can join the group by contacting Laura Nixon, MIPI Alliance technical program manager.