Will provide a common trace format to exchange information between a target system, and a debug and test system 


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MIPI System Software Trace (MIPI SyS-TSM), which is currently under development, is a format for transporting software traces and debugging information between a mobile or mobile-influenced target system (TS) running embedded software, and a debug and test system (DTS), typically a computer running one or more debug and test applications (debuggers and trace tools). It is primarily an OS-independent software tracing protocol, but it can also be used on bare-metal or OS environments.

The purpose of MIPI SyS-T is to provide a common trace format to exchange information between a target system and a debug and test system. Mobile platforms/ SoCs contain many different software agents. For different operating systems, there exist different, specific tracing solutions, and no common solution exists across the different SW/ FW and HW agents. MIPI SyS-T is aiming to fill this gap.

MIPI SyS-T is being developed by the MIPI Debug Working Group and is currently expected to be released in spring of 2018. It will be publicly available. 

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